HempFlax Felt

HEMPFLAX FELT is a non-woven felt made from fibre of the industrial hemp plant and is a 100% natural product. It has many applications – in construction, but also in the automotive industry and in cultivating food crops. HEMPFLAX FELT has unprecedented elasticity and sound absorption. The moisture-regulating properties of hemp fibre give this material an exceptionally long service life.


HEMPFLAX FELT products are suitable for multiple purposes: as a sub-floor (levelling and soundproofing); as a felt underlay; for furniture and interiors (chairs, sofas, mattresses); as a natural fibre reinforcement (hot press moulding and vacuum injection biocomposites); and for crop cultivation (substrate mats and geotextiles).

This material is a wonderful natural alternative to synthetic products and is suitable for all common building techniques. In ‘vapour permeable’ timber frame constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enhanced.


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