HempFlax also offers the equipment in addition to the materials. All our high-tech machines are equipped with state-of-the-art, in-house developed HempFlax technology that continually gets refined to get even better products with an even smaller environmental footprint.

We also supply used equipment as part of our vision of an environmentally friendly approach. All used machines are refurbished and upgraded to the highest HempFlax standards.


When HempFlax started, there was no commercial technology available for hemp. So we developed it ourselves. A plant with the strongest fiber in the world requires the very best technology.

Several years ago, GroeNoord and HempFlax joined forces as CANN BV to provide the very best solutions for harvesting hemp. CANN stands for Crop Ability Noord Nederland and can rightfully call itself a specialist in the niche market of hemp harvesting technologies.


Processing hemp is about separating the fibres from the wooden core as much as possible. The purer the fibres, the more valuable the product. Over the years, we’ve developed the world’s most efficient production line.


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