HempFlax is a socially responsible and ethical company that gives back to the planet by offering consumers affordable natural hemp products. By actively stimulating the awareness process of entrepreneurs in the world market, we contribute to the sustainability of their company. We embrace the philosophy of the circular economy and will do our very best to comply to this strategy.


The Hemp plant as a whole, holds a large market share in terms of applications for sustainable solutions in everyday life. This multi-purpose organic solution leads us in our quest to build a healthy planet for generations to come.


We believe in this plant with all our heart and grow our own crops. In doing so, we are extremely economical with raw materials, water and pesticides. Hemp cultivation removes CO2 from the atmosphere. At Hempflax we focus on developing techniques to fix this CO2 into construction materials and various other finished products to prevent it from being released back into the air.


HempFlax was founded in 1993 by Ben Dronkers with the aim of restoring the age-old crop to its former glory. With succes: nowadays there is a huge demand for high-quality professional hemp products. The synergy between the various branches creates a sustainable and innovative business environment in which HempFlax can become the market leader in the field of industrial hemp production.

Our cultivation takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania with our factories located in Oude Pekela, Netherlands and Alba Iulia, Romania.


HempFlax has chosen to manage its processes by complying to the guidelines of several international standards:

  • ISO 9001: certified as from 2011, recertification in 2017 under updated standard 9001:2015
  • ISCC plus certified as from 2016


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